ABOUT Carissa


Thanks for joining me here! I hope that your stop here means that you’ve connected with my work.

I’ve been using a camera for a long time. I started back when film and self developing in a dark room were a thing. But I also have a background in Communications & Marketing and formerly used those skills in, for and not-for-profit work. Photography though, has always been the dream I never allowed myself to dream. Until now. 

When I'm not working, I'm a wife to a sweet guy and mama to our perfect little girls: Berkeley & Beau. I cherish these people and love to document our life.

I am incredibly thankful for this life. 

I am a people person. I don’t have many regrets. I’m not quite. I’m told I’m a good listener. I know I am good mom. 

And, I know you and I will work well together. I look forward to meeting you and your people!

xoxo, Carissa