What to Wear

I know. Dressing your family for your session can be hard. Trust me, I always end up struggling with my own family.

Here are some tips though:

  1. Dress in something you love: Don’t wear something that will make you feel uncomfortable. We want you to be thinking about how much you love and enjoy your family, not whether or not your shirt is riding up. Moms, Maxi dresses are universally flattering. Pair it with your favorite necklace or a cardigan and done.
  2. Keep the hair bow simple: Yes they are cute but they can also be distracting to not only the portrait but also to Dad as your little one is sitting on his lap. I want him focusing on his little girl, not that giant bow falling off her head and into his face.
  3. Dress your kiddos in clothes that fit: I do it too. I buy things one size up so we get the most use out of it. For photos though, it’s not the best idea.
  4. No Matchy. Yes Coordinate: Decide on an outfit that you think works the best and build everyone else around that out. Let’s say mom’s in a navy maxi dress, dad in a blue with yellow check or chambray shirt, son in a hunter green henley and baby girl in ruby red.
  5. Think Jewel Tones: They all go together. Stay away from neons or bright pinks. Trust me.
  6. Don’t forget the shoes: Simple. Comfortable for the kiddos. Preferably not the ones that light up. Baby’s will come off, it’s inevitable.
  7. Newborn parent photos: Simple. Black or white tank top or tee for mom. Black or grey t-shirt for dad.